Ultra low power wildfire detection system using array of ambient sensors and artificial intelligence

LADSensors is an emerging fire detection and management platform that utilizes patented sensors alongside artificial intelligence algorithms to predict, detect and manage fire incidents in forests. By measuring metrics such as temperature, ambient levels, humidity, wind direction and speed, LADSensors cannot only detect the presence of a fire, but can also predict where it will head.

The LADSensors solution consists of gateways and sensors wrapped with a platform that provides users a detailed, comprehensive view of condtions in a monitored area. Sensors are placed in the field up to 15 km apart and connect to a LoRa gateway. They gather values every few minutes that might indicate the presence of a fire, among other characteristics a sudden peak in temperature or a rise in ambient levels and transmit the information wirelessly to the gateways. The data is processed in our platform, where artificial intelligence algorithms determine the probability of a presence of a fire.