Electronic components are becoming cheaper, smaller, faster and more intelligent every day. Breakthroughs are made each year in the sensors area, making them faster, accurate and more reliable. Technology is helping us moving forward and push our own limits in many areas.

It’s time to start equipping earth's wildland with high-end technology, helping us to prevent all this devastating scenarios!

Forest Supervisor

Forest fires are likely to increase unless we better address the risks and implement proper activities to prevent them. Current solutions are either too costly, have high error rates, cannot detect a fire in its early stages or a combination of the above. The costs of wildfires are devastating, in terms of risks to human life, property damage, state and government money.

LADSensors Forest Supervisor is a wildfire detection system for governments and landowners that uses an array of sensors placed inside the forest alongside AI algorithms to sense, detect and predict early wildfires. The system monitors the desired area 24/7, redundantly and at a cost effective price.

Fast fire detection
Accurate position
AI Monitoring 24/7
Cost effective
Direction and speed prediction

Thousand charge discharge cycles


Km of connection range


Meters of detection range


Full charge in cloudy days

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Environmental Data

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Our Team

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João Ladeira

Chief Executive Officer

Sílvia Pimenta

Environmental Data Scientist

André Glória

Chief Technology Officer

Ricardo Calé

Chief Financial Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your sensors charge even in dark cloudy days?

As soon as the sun rises our sensors are fully charge between 1 to 3 hours depending on the atmospheric conditions, even in rainy dark days.

Are your sensors autonomous?

Our patented energy storage unit and sensor have a build in solar panel that is able to charge our forest supervisor sensor to the fullest every day in just one hour.

How does it all work?

Sensors distributed on the desired protected area communicate with nearby LoRa gateways up to 15 km away, sending environmental data such as Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Atmospheric pressure and others to our platform. Then all this data is analysed in realtime by our platform using AI algorithms in order to decide if a fire is starting nearby, and pinpoint exactly where, as well as following it's progression.

Do i need to replace the batteries after some time?

Our patented energy storage unit can withstand more than 500 000 charge discharge cycles, since we charge our energy storage unit every day, this is equivalent to more than 1300 years of operation without the need to worry about changing batteries!

Why was Forest Supervisor created?

Wildfires are getting worse every year, climate change influences wildfires and vice versa. In order to tackle this issue a global, cost effective and scalable solution needs to be deployed around the world quickly. We wanted to start protecting our beloved country Portugal that is heavily affected every year by wildfires, but we didn't found any solution on the market that was cost effective, scalable and reliable, and so we decided to tackle this problem and Forest Supervisor wildfire detection system was born!

What radio bands do your sensors support?

Currently our sensors support 868 MHz (Europe), 915 MHz (Australia and North America) and 923 MHz (Asia) frequency bands.

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