Fast fire detection


Accurate position


AI Monitoring 24/7


Cost effective




Direction and speed prediction


Real-time sensor data using patented technology


Virtual map representation and prediction models

Forest Supervisor

LADSensors Forest Supervisor is a wildfire detection system for governments and landowners that uses an array of sensors placed inside the forest alongside AI algorithms to sense, detect and predict early wildfires. The system monitors the desired area 24/7, redundantly and at a cost effective price.

Wildfires are likely to increase unless we better address the risks and implement proper activities to prevent them. Current solutions are either too costly, have high error rates, cannot detect a fire in its early stages or a combination of the above. The costs of wildfires are devastating, in terms of risks to human life, property damage, state and government money.

Electronic components are becoming cheaper, smaller, faster and more intelligent every day. Breakthroughs are made each year in the sensors area, making them faster, accurate and more reliable. Technology is helping us moving forward and push our own limits in many areas.

It’s time to start equipping earth's wildland with high-end technology, helping us to prevent all this devastating scenarios!